Euroblog 2008 – reflections on day 1

Posted on maart 13, 2008


– sorry voor het Engels, maar dat is de taal van de conferentie –

Euroblog 2008, a conference where PR practitioners and PR academics meet to discuss social media and PR, kicked off today. Unfortunately without immediate live blogging from our part, the wireless network didn’t listen to the magic ‘Open Sesame’-key. In the end we fixed things the old way: with cables. You can now read the full transcript here.

I would like to take a minute to point you to some of the answers on Philippe’s question: “We are talking for a quite a long time now on social media, and in my work as a consultant I still feel a lot of hesitation to actually start something. What is holding us back to come up with great projects?” Here are some of the answers provided by the speakers:

  •  – It is about learning, and learning is about anxiety. Companies will learning to use social media when the fear for not knowing it becomes bigger then the fear for knowing it…
  • – A lot of organizations: middle management knows and feels what is going in. But their activities are halted because of a lack of trust by seniors. Social media are buttom up, power in companies is top down. You therefor need to involve top management asap. (For a client we set up a company employee blog, and went to management to get everybody’s approval.)
  • – Some other companies get it, check it out, and then say no with reason, because their corporate culture does not fit with it. There still is a mass market, and you don’t need to enter social media if you don’t like it…
  • – It is something new, and it has to be proven with numbers. Management is still hesitant because of a lack of ROI…
  • – The web ‘requires’ a personal touch, while PR & media traditionally has done huge efforts to get rid of personal stuff and professionalize…

What do you think? Do you agree with the notion of fear? Or do you go by ROI? I for myself see some examples where fear has driven companies online (think of Apple, Dell, …), but I presume there is truth in all five ideas… Trick is now to find a convincing concept that manages to cope with/convince all five of them 🙂

PS: I took the liberty to create a Flickr-group: Don’t hesitate to add relevant pictures to the group. And this self-created RSS-feed should keep track of most what is written on the conference on a multitude of platforms 😉