Euroblog 2008 – reflections on day 3

Posted on maart 15, 2008


Day 3 here in Brussels was mainly on ethics. You can read the live coverage here.

PR and ethics 

The first panel discussion lead by Rick Murray can be devided in two parts after the introductions:

We kept on dwelling quite a long time on blogs and anonymity. When Sue WEuroBlog 2008olstenholme, president of Euprera and one of the panellists, refered to anonymous blogs as a concept that freightened her, she got quite a lot of feedback from the public (both in the room and at home on Twitter and on the live blog!!!) on the fact that people should be allowed to blog anonymously (not the same discussion 🙂 ). I was happy to make my point though: anonymous blogging can ofr personal stuff, but when you’re blogging/commenting for a company, you should make yourself known.

Second part was where David Weinberger put us back on track with refering us back to the general question of PR and ethics. I’ll just repeat my 2 cents here: “in the movie A Beautifull Mind, a mathematician wins the Nobel Price (factual) for developing the economic theory ‘a company should choose what is best for itself AND for society’ (freely interpreted). I think that’s where PR people can make a difference. We are/should be the ears of an organisation, and can therefor advise on the impact of corporate decisions on society. Social media can help us to be the ears of an organisation.” Good to hear my thoughs were seconded by a nice lady who refered to deserving a ‘licence to operate’. To bad we could not talk on that longer, because I think that the mix of PROs and academics could have a good discussion on this.

Closing thoughts

To close the conference, some thoughts of the last panelists:

Companies should improve their decision making process, so as to be able to make decissions more quickly – ethics should be discussed on a larger PR scale – looking at theory: how far are we from reality – a good conference means you have more questions in your mind then before (ed: this sure works for me) – we need case studies to prove the effectiveness of socia media – PR has to cross boundaries and cooperate with marketing, customer support, HR, R&D, … – PR theory needs to look accross boundaries as well (e.g. social studies)

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