Mind The Gap

Posted on juli 22, 2010


Thanks to the London Undergound system there is a good reason why there are so many t-shirts on sale in London with the quote “Mind The Gap” on the chest. Indeed, these were among the first words I heard on my arrival in the British capital.

Mind The Gap

The robotic warning blares out at you at certain Tube stations urging you to tread carefully where there is a mini chasm between platform and train. It’s a warning that if heeded gets you to your destination in one piece, but if ignored, can land you in big trouble.

I normally work in the Belgian agency Leads United, which was acquired by Lewis PR late last year. Thanks to the international structure of Lewis PR, I have been given the opportunity of working alongside the London social media team of Eb Adeyeri http://twitter.com/eba) and Alex Clough (@alex_clough) during July and August.
It has been a great experience so far. I have participated in technology briefings, client meetings, and pitch preparations. One thing that strikes me is that British clients have exactly the same questions and needs with regards to social media as my Belgian clients. “How do we start?” “How do we demonstrate ROI?” “How can we keep in control?”
The good thing is that the answers are the same on both sides of the Channel. You start from your business objectives, and based on these you look for how social media can be of benefit to you. Your publics are currently using social media to talk about you, your products and your services. You are no longer in control. In fact, have you ever been?
However, clients asking for social media need to be fully informed of the possibilities but also of its possible limitations in achieving what they want. As practitioners, we need to honestly assess how – or even if it can help them.

Yes, clients want to board the social media train in increasing numbers to reach new goals and find new audiences. But we also have to advise them to tread carefully because a social media campaign which is not properly thought through can lead to a potentially damaging rift between expectation and reality. A real case of “Mind The Gap”.

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